Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

After the disastrous second Jewish Revolt, the seeds had been planted for the Gentiles to take over the leadership of the church. The holy see of Jerusalem saw the removal of the family of Jesus Christ and the replacement of former pagans take their place. This was not a unique situation since there were many more Gentile converts than Jewish ones due to the restrictions placed upon Jews that wanted to convert by both the Roman Empire and the Rabbinic Jews. This allowed the door to open for heresy to replace sound doctrine and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

A big part of the heresy was the complete rejection of anything Jewish from Christianity. They altered Jesus and his disciples by ignoring their Jewish roots. The former pagans also severed all ties to the Tanakh and rejected it. They began to formulate their own ideas on cosmology that was based entirely upon pagan ideas and thoughts. By removing the Tanakh, they severed the link that held Jesus and his disciples to the fundamental Jewish teachings and ministry. The replacement was pagan holidays instead of God mandated feasts, festivals, and Sabbath observance. Exchanging Judaic cosmology for a pagan one and perverting the core teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Gentiles ignored the warnings of Paul and his teachings as they pursued their own agenda. This agenda included the violation on altering scripture to suit whatever political and religious purpose they needed. One of the biggest parts of this heresy is the formation of the trinitarian doctrine of three persons in a godhead based mostly on Plato’s Theory of Forms. If they had not rejected the Tanakh and applied the theory of forms to every appearance of God in the Tanakh you would end up with over 100 individual and distinct persons in the godhead.

Wait, I thought that the church that Jesus founded was founded upon the principle of one God manifesting in any way he could. Scripture really supports this position in the New Testament (B’rit Hadasha). It wasn’t enough for these former pagans, so they violated the commandment that no one is to change the Word of God. Not one jot and tittle was to be changed. Yet they changed many parts of the B’rit Hadasha to support the trinity by adding in additional verses to Mark and altering the command to baptize in the Name of Jesus to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

One of the earliest heresies to the Gentile Orthodox beliefs, was called Sabellianism or modalism. Tertullian, an antisemite of some renown, took on the heresy to the heresy of the trinity. Modalism was an early attempt to get the Gentile Orthodox Church to follow the Jewish theology and cosmology and bring the church back to the nourishing root of Judaism. Due to the political weight the trinitarian former pagans held, they were able to crush modalism and declare it a heresy of their heresy. Confused yet?

The early church fathers, post-Apostalic age, were all pagans originally. They incorporated what they learned in their pagan worship into Christianity and severed the tie to Judaism’s root. They spent the next thousand years trying to keep their version of Christianity away from Judaism and actively preached antisemitism to inflame the masses against the Jewish people. They laid false testimony and bore false witness while completely rejecting the teachings of Christ to pursue a genocidal agenda that came to a head inside of Hitler’s Germany. The Holocaust is a tragedy that no amount of words of reconciliation can ever erase the massive sin that modern Christianity bears. Is it any wonder that the Jewish people are suspicious of Gentile Christians? For under 2,000 years, the Jewish people were subject to such racial prejudice and social pogroms that forced them to flee for their very lives at the hands of Gentile Christians.

I don’t know about you, but just knowing this massive crime was done in the name of Jesus would have the Jesus in the B’rit Hadasha speechless and in tears over how the perverted Christian church destroyed his chosen people. The people he was sent to first to minister and to bring them to salvation. I am speechless over it. Jesus taught to love your neighbor as yourself. Exterminating them is not love. That’s hatred. These Gentile Christian fathers sowed the seeds for the destruction of the Jewish people in complete violation of God’s commandments, covenants, and teachings.

Once again, most Gentile Churches and their parent denominations always attempt to wash their hands clean of the matter regarding their church fathers antisemitism. It would be hard for anyone to opening a dialogue with the Jewish people while having the sins of mass murder, apostasy, and spreading hatred to the very root they were grafted into originally.

Reverend Richard Littles


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