Saving Our Constitutional Republic

I have been giving this quite a bit of thought on how to return us back to where the government was the servant. The only lawful way to do this and to avoid the abuse of reinterpretation of the current Constitution of the United States is through the passage of amendments through a convention of the states. Here is my list of new Amendments and actions that will restore us back to our original boundaries of a constitutional government.

1. Abolish the 16th and 17th Amendments.
2. Abolish the Federal Reserve Act.
3. Abolish the current legal tender laws.
4. Place us back on the gold standard.
5. Seize all the money and gold from the central banks using RICO and Asset Forfeiture laws. Part of this action will be the US, state, and local governments repudiating their debts to these central bankers as the debts were incurred under the color of fraud on the part of the banks.

Add Constitutional Amendments for:

Abolishing of Lobbyists/Special Interest Groups.

Abolishing of Corporations and returning us back to partnerships and proprietorships.

Making for profit banking institutions illegal and having credit unions/non-profits be the only way for the storage and/or loaning of money.

Abolish the use of foundations to impact government policy.

Add term limits for every government position both elected and appointed.

Abolish government unions.

Add term limits to military general staff officers and require all military personnel to go through courses on the Constitution of the United States to inform them fully of their requirements under their oath of enlistment.

All government employees must attend and pass a class on the Constitution of the United States with a score of 90% or better.

The election of State Vigilance Committees that have the express power to try and convict government employees that fail to uphold their oath of office as being treason.

Require all bills to be single issue only and in plain English.

A balanced budget amendment.

An amendment to fortify the Ninth and Tenth Amendments of the Constitution of the United States that states in plain English that any act of the federal government must have a clear delegation of power in the Constitution of the United States.

An amendment to immediately cede any and all land within a state to the respective state government as required under prior acts regarding territories coming into the union.

Add an amendment that clearly states that a state can leave the union by a repeal of the original state ratification. The only requirement for completion is the state government must pay for any and all improvements to the US Treasury prior to secession.

An amendment that abolishes all laws that give preferential treatment to one group over another. All people must be equal under the law as required by Article 4 Section 2 Clause 1 and the 14th Amendment. Laws are for the good of the whole not certain subsections.

An amendment that abolishes marriage laws and licenses. The people are sovereigns. As such, a simple contract is enough to ensure the transmission of inheritance and the rights held by spouses in regards to health care etc…

An amendment that requires Congress to fully arm law abiding citizens with military hardware and forcing the state governments to recreate Constitutional militias. Also remove the BATFE and all their regulations that prohibit the people from being able to own military hardware, including all tax schemes.

An amendment that removes the power to determine constitutionality from the federal Judiciary as it belongs to the state or the people.

The federal government can only pass laws that have a delegation of power in the Constitution of the United States. Any laws passed by the federal government affecting the states not found in the powers delegated is to be interpreted as being only for property owned by the federal government. No more of the encroachment on the powers of the state governments and the rights of the citizens of the several states.

The removal of United States citizenship. The people should be citizens only of their state of residence. Under citizenship of the United States, the federal government has been able to pass some of the most odious laws on the states and their citizens.

This would reverse the trend of the past 103 years since the passage of the Federal Reserve Act and the 16th/17th Amendments.

Revenue generation will be confined to goods coming into the US and through the use of taxes based upon enumeration. States will be forbidden from having an income tax and no more taxes placed on goods from other states. The only exception is for the payment of inspections. Any and all money generated by a state government the exceeds the amount needed to pay for the inspections will go to the US Treasury as mandated by the Constitution of the United States.



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