Presidential Succession Act or Why Lyin Ryan and all Establishment Politicos Need To Go

Most people do not realize that at the start of the Cold War there was a law passed that defined the succession of the President if he became incapacitated or died while in office. This was done to ensure that the government could function without the president or vice president. Now people think that this means that succession goes only through cabinet positions, but that is only half of the story.

The Act specifies that the succession will be Vice President>Speaker of the House>President Pro Tempore>Cabinet Positions. Think about this, if Trump and Pence are so hated by the establishment that there was an assassination done of both men. Who will become the 47th President of the United States? Under this Act, that job would fall to Lyin Ryan as Speaker of the House.

Since Lyin Ryan, by extension most of the establishment politicos, is all in favor of the policies of Obama and Hilliary Klintoncratic that should give any voter pause. If Trump and Pence are elected and die in office, Lyin Ryan steps up. Hilliary may have been beaten in the election, but her and Obama’s legacies will still continue under these establishment politicos. This makes the race by Paul Nehlan very important for all of the country and not just the first district of Wisconsin.

Say that Lyin Ryan gets his tenth term and suffers a mishap. Under the succession that will fall to the President Pro Tempore of the Senate. That individual currently is Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah. Orrin Hatch is a big government globalist like Ryan is. He too would continue the destruction of our beloved Republic. He’s a big fan of big government and loves those “bribes” from the donor class.

This is why we must maintain vigilance over our elected officials because of Trump’s running the light is shining on these traitors to the people. He is lighting the way and showing us the people what has been in the dark for so long. Thus, I beg of all liberty loving citizen to vote against the establishment and elect Paul Nehlan. Our country may depend upon it if the globalist establishment decide to remove Trump and Pence after their election.


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