What is Christian Restoration?

What is Christian Restoration?

Christian restoration will attempt to undo the sins of past Christians that has harmed the Jewish people and to try to make amends for their antisemitic actions. In doing so, we recognize that the early church fathers and those that followed them erred in their doctrines as they severed the wild branch from the roots. They attempted to make the wild branch to be superior to the olive root that left death and destruction in their wake.

A part of this restoration is the move to have worship and sound doctrines follow what Jesus and his Apostles experienced and did. We reject the man-made traditions and doctrines of the early church fathers in the hopes of returning the wild branch back to the nourishing root. The worship style is the way it was back during the ministry of Jesus and his Apostles lifetimes. A brand new focus is on the relationship that Judaism and Christianity share in common on theology, tradition, and observances of the feasts, festivals, and Sabbath as defined by scripture.

Reverend Richard Littles